The paradise Garden of Roses

Dietrich the return to the Golden Age

One day, a knight in the mould of Dietrich von Bern was riding on the very old Troj de rèses, the footpath of Tyrolean roses, which crosses the Tierser valley, part of the Karer Pass leading North. He is trying in vain to find an access to Laurin’s kingdom. Each time he thinks that he has attained his goal, insurmountable fences rise up before him.
It was by virtue of seeking the millers that the Knight of Bern found their cave in the paradise Garden of Roses and from there walked the pathway to eternity. Web of woven silk alludes to the timeless thread of order that is ever-present in the midst of chaos. It is the guide between this world and the Otherworld, personified in mythology by Ariadne, Circe, Ceridwen and Hecate.
The tale of the Elfin Legend and the return to the Golden Age, is filled with powerful themes and images that might provide a clue to the real mystery, among them: Knight of the lineage of Dietrich von Bern, Troj de Reses (Pathway of the Roses), sheperdess, enchanted windmill, seven dwarfs, fiance of the Month of May, web of woven silk …

“Now begin, your song” asks the elf.
The Knight then sings the song of Love and of the Month of May. And paradise of roses opens before him. The Knight penetrates into Eternity.”

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