Dieter Vleeminckx

Dieter Vleeminckx

Home: Affligem, Flanders Belgium.

Nationality: Belgian

2007 – To set the scene, at the start of Maier files series, Dieter Vleeminckx was introduced as the main protagonist. He brought them to surface, the Maier-diaries and a curious small artifact.

Dieter Vleeminckx is a web-developer, grandson of Frans Vleeminckx. When Dieter’s parents died in a car crah, grandfather Frans took care of Dieter. Many years later, when Dieter’s grandfather passed away, he and his girlfriend Lena Mueller decided to move into the house of Frans. The couple is totally ignorant and unaware of the concealed history of Dieter’s grandfather.

He’s sucked into an hidden history of covert wars, political conspiracy, witchery and fraud only with one goal: personal power and dominance! He’s accompanied on his journey by his girlfriend; Lena Mueller, as they look to right some serious wrongs. It became a quest of deep search for truth that will result in an awkward self-discovery.

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