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Episode 9

ZERO HOUR - The First Resurrection

Alchemy. Only speak the word and one will make a "real" scientist distinctly uncomfortable, perhaps even somewhat belligerent. For alchemy — in its quest for the Great Elixir, the Philosophers' Stone, capable of transmuting base metals into "gold" — with its bewildering array of coded symbols, astrological lore, geometric diagrams and charts, is really a quest for exotic matter or exotic states of matter.

In this, it is curiously much like modern physics with its own bewildering array of obscure hierophants scratching the coded symbols of higher mathematics on blackboards, working in their own laboratories of arcane equipment, poring over their own charts of computer-generated models and geometries of atoms, paying enormous sums for obscure volumes of wisdom and recipes of equations, all in aid of its own quest to confect exotic matter, a dark materia prima, able to manipulate the fabric of space-time itself.

And like alchemy, it seeks the patronage of the wealthy and caters to the powerful, all the while speaking its own coded language, trying to keep its secrets to itself and away from the great masses of the people. Little, if anything at all, has really changed. And in this resemblance, of course, there lies a tale, for the truth of the matter is, perhaps, that the resemblance is more than coincidental, for it concerns more than the similarities of their accidentals, but lies chiefly in the substance and methods of the quest itself.

src. Joseph P. Farrell. The Philosopher's stone

An event has happened, upon which it is difficult to speak, and impossible to be silent.


Maier files

Based on an incredibly mysterious story once told by R. Naumann, Maier files begins by following a seemingly perfectly normal couple. But there is one crucial difference that sets Dieter and Lena apart: they are sharing a veiled family history.

When they accidentally surface the diaries and notebooks of Otto Maier, a German scientist, who disappeared into thin air by the end of World War 2, the fat is in the flames. Their curiosity pulls them into a web of dark intrigues and an ancient conflict between mighty powers.

It leads them to question everything they believe in. All here is upside down and inside out and nothing is ever what it seems ...

Dieter and lena from Maier files
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Why should you read Maier files?

Because Maier files is self publishing, the original story will be told. Where other stop, we continue! No censorship, no commercial concessions, no Thought Police corrections, just the raw, heretic story.

With its ambitious genre-crossing Maier files covers the big topics and big questions. Expect plenty of intriguing mythology, as well as a detailed history survey of a scientist obsessed by the search for Truth.

It is the story and struggle of the physicist Otto Maier,  who wants to safeguard his intellectual property when he realizes that he's being out-maneuvered by people with lesser motives.

Maier files is based on true events and little known facts. Of course it is fiction but just because it's fiction doesn't mean that the layers in the Maier files are any less true. A story full of realities for those who have eyes to see.

Ulva and Dieter Maier files

What will keep you hooked?

The ongoing struggle between the mighty powers behind the scenes is the driving force behind the series, and its ensemble brims with heroes and antiheroes whose motives will keep you guessing.

This is the story of an extraordinary journey of discovery which will lead to the revelation of the ultimate secrets of some of the world's most enigmatic mysteries.

Is it a weird story?



Like Werner Heisenberg once stated: "Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think."

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This story is dedicated to those who know they do not know


Maier files, an invisible history


Maier files, a beginning of a Journey

On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.


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