Bushwhacked Inside Stories of True Conspiracy

Uri Dowbenko

Bushwhacked: Inside Stories of True Conspiracy
Bushwhacked Inside Stories of True Conspiracy

Controversial and provocative, Bushwhacked is a journey into the secret world of whistle-blowers and corporate-government conspirators. A compilation of Uri Dowbenko’s ground-breaking articles from the Alternative Media, Bushwhacked includes Investigations, Interviews and Secret Histories you won’t find anywhere else. Written in Dowbenko’s trademark style, this book of political and cultural commentary includes true stories of conspiracy, cover up and betrayal — the ingredients of exciting spy novels and action movies. The difference, however, is that these stories are all real! Today less people than ever believe the truthfulness of news reported by the networks and mega-media outlets. In fact, recent Pew Research Center surveys show that a majority of the public (56%) now believes news stories are often inaccurate. Likewise cynicism regarding government corruption has also reached epidemic proportions.

Mainstream news

Alternative media publications and websites that don’t hew to a typically “left” or “right” agenda are quietly gaining a strong constituency in America. The First Amendment obviously helps. But now there’s a wide spectrum oi publications and websites that provide news and information, which seem to fall through the cracks of corporate programming, i.e. mainstream news. This historically homegrown tradition of self-publishing without interference is the energy behind today’s American samizdat. That’s Russian, by the way, for pre-glasnost self-published politically incorrect writing. These are the stories, which disappear in the Orwellian Memory Hole that lies between the magazines and the tabloids.

And so it happened that the so-called Information Age became crowded with half-baked psychological operations (PsyOps) foisted on the general population by the Government-Media Cartel. In fact, this virtual miasma of programming, indoctrination, and brainwashing, commonly known as “news” (and even “education”) is delivered incessantly through the normal propaganda organs like TV, movies, magazines and news-papers. In order to control the masses, to mold opinion and to produce order, the Power Elite (also known as the Illuminati or the Cryptocracy) continues to propagate their various frauds, conspiracies and cover-ups.

Civil Lie in Action

Is this too brash an assessment? I think not — for the consensus realities of everyday life are reinforced to engender obeisance to the cult of consumerism, merchandising and other cults, which act in concert to produce blind obedience to the prevailing dogmas of Civilization, in other words, the Civil Lie in Action. The problem with so-called mainstream media is that there is no context. They may get the facts right, but without a contextual background, there really is no value in so-called “news,” or any so-called “information” for that matter. Behind the officially sanctioned lies and half-truths of the Government-Media Cartel is the hidden world of Alternative Media. It is the domain of small circulation magazines, newspapers and newsletters, typically a labor of love, which gives dissident views of politics and world events a proper airing, so that the Truth itself can be discerned within the context of the lies, which continue their deadly work in the manipulation of Terra.

The Alternative Media, therefore, is the raison d’etre of the First Amendment. As long as Freedom of the Press remains a freedom in America, the tireless advocates of Truth will continue to do their work. After that, it will undoubtedly go underground as information guerrillas worked during the repressions of the Soviet Union.

Francis Bacon

It should be noted that as recently as the 1600s, avant garde writer Francis Bacon had to incorporate ciphers and cryptograms into his works — “The Shakespearean Plays” and the “King James Bible” — to leave behind a chronicle of the hidden mysteries and his own true history. It has been said that “The truth will set you free,” but as the old joke goes, “First, it’ll really piss you off.” Bushwhacked is a compilation of many innovative and provocative articles, originally published in alternative media publications like Nexus Magazine, Media Bypass, Magical Blend, Paranoia Magazine, Steamshovel Press, Whistleblower Gazette, Nationalist Times, as well as alternative media websites like Al Martin Raw (www.almartinraw.com), Conspiracy Digest, Steamshovel Press and Conspiracy Planet (www.conspiracyplanet.com). There’s No “Theory” in Criminal Conspiracy

My strength, I’ve been told, is the ability to integrate fragments of information into a coherent whole — connecting the proverbial dots, so to speak, so that an understandable framework can emerge. One of the joys of writing is that it remains the ultimate educational experience. As life is a continuing education program, writing is therefore the most interesting and valuable occupation ever. For it is by writing that we learn and teach others. Bushwhacked is not only a collection of the true stories of many brave men and women, who have endured the ultimate betrayal and “punishment” as scapegoats, but also the exposure of the infamy of so-called “public servants.” As Al Martin, author of The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider would say, this is
simply “How the World Works.”

Secret Histories

I hope you enjoy these Investigations, Interviews and Secret Histories, and that they may help you avoid the problems and pitfalls encountered by the heroes and heroines of this book, those who were bushwhacked by the forces of darkness, yet vsurvived to tell their stories.

And so it goes. As long as people are fed up with tabloid trash, news-magazine bias and government spin, Alternative Media is bound to keep growing. This ancient motto seems to be most appropriate now — The Truth Against the World. — Uri Dowbenko

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