Rolf Dietrich

Home: Stettin, Pomerania.

Nationality: Prussian-German

Rolf Dietrich serves as the main protagonist in Maier files. He is Sturmbannführer (Major) of a dissident SS-unit, Parzival. An obscure SS Black Knight gave him the task to protect a mysterious sealed box.

Rolf Dietrich

Dietrich’s father was a strict, old school Prussian, who traveled the world as prosperous art and antique dealer. When he was a small child, Rolf lived for three years in Alexandria, Egypt. After Rolf’s mother got pregnant with his sister, his grandfather convinced the family to move back to his home-town Stettin, Prussia.

Father Dietrich sent the youngster Rolf to an hostile English boarding school where he became friends with some despised Irish boys. He joined the Waffen-SS in 1937. A year later, the secret society ‘House of the Chalice’ recruited him as secret agent.

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