Unveiling Occult Ether Physics

The Hidden Science of Electro-Propulsion

4th revised and expanded edition of the author's re-discovery of the scientific/technical basis for a space-propulsion system invented in the late 19th century by Nikola Tesla, now used in the secret flying machines known as "UFOs" or "flying saucers".

In the midst of modern concerns over the terms “cult” and “occult,” it’s essential to clarify that the latter simply denotes “secret” or “hidden.” Beyond religious connotations, any group employing concealed teachings limited to a select few falls under the category of a “cult.” What if an entire realm of physics has been deemed virtually “occult” and restricted from public knowledge by a powerful entity? Could the science behind “electro-propulsion” have been replaced with a misleading narrative known only to a privileged few?

William Lyne’s Journey

William Lyne: My exploration into this controversy, including the scientific aspects, began in childhood after hearing accounts from oil field workers who witnessed mysterious “flying disks” in remote regions of the West Texas and southern New Mexico deserts. A pivotal encounter with astrophysicist Dr. Lincoln La Paz in 1946 further fueled my curiosity. La Paz was involved in covering up Nazi flying saucer technology brought to New Mexico post-WWII, a revelation solidified when I obtained hardware from a 1943 German flying saucer at Sandia Base.

Occult Ether Physics

The crux of the truth lies in “Occult Ether Physics,” a term I’ve coined to shed light on the concealed science of electro-propulsion based on “ether” or “aether” physics. These principles, essential for flying saucers and Nikola Tesla’s groundbreaking work, have been hidden, classified as “national security secrets,” or obfuscated through intense propaganda.

High Priests of Occult Knowledge

The custodians of this occult knowledge are elite figures controlling monopolistic corporate banking, industry, minerals, and related interests. They initiate select individuals into these secrets to maintain a vast conspiracy, safeguarding archaic technology and resources from a genuinely free market.

Challenging Misinformation

Over the past 76 years, misinformation campaigns have distorted the public’s understanding, leading many to ridicule concepts like the existence of an ether and flying saucers. Pseudo-scientific narratives, from “curved space” to “alien abductions,” serve the interests of those perpetuating the conspiracy.

Nikola Tesla’s Vision

Central to this narrative is Nikola Tesla’s original vision from the 1870s – an electropropulsive flying machine fueled by wireless transmission of power. As he chased after an ether-based propulsion system, his path was obstructed by financial and political forces, laying the groundwork for Occult Ether Physics.

The Real Cover-Up

The true cover-up extends beyond alleged government dealings with extraterrestrials. With Tesla’s saucer discovery coming under U.S. government control in 1945, a persistent propaganda effort ensued, tracing its origins back to Nazi saucer counterintelligence tactics. The goal: to protect the monopolistic interests threatened by revolutionary technology.

William Lyne.

It becomes evident that the pursuit of knowledge is a powerful tool against covert manipulation. For those eager to delve deeper into this enigma, William Lyne’s book, “Occult Ether Physics,” serves as an illuminating guide. Available on Amazon, this comprehensive exploration sheds light on suppressed truths and reflects the author’s unwavering dedication to dismantling the clandestine technological and socio-economic dictatorship. Join us in breaking the chains of misinformation and fostering a future where knowledge prevails over secrecy. Visit the Amazon page to be part of this transformative journey: OCCULT ETHER PHYSICS Available at Amazon .

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