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They took everything from me

Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger – his father was master woodsman in Holzschlag at Lake Plockenstein, and Viktor absorbed accumulated wisdom of generations of forest wardens. His mother also taught him to tune in to nature—to listen to its singing in a mountain stream as well as its whispering through the treetops, and to learn its cycles and rhythms.

Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger, was known in his time as the Water Wizard. The courageous inventor built prototype examples of beneficial technology, in his effort to turn humanity away from death-dealing technologies. Creation instead of destruction (implosion is creation, explosion is destruction) He defended Earth’s water, air and soil, but at the end he was out-maneuvered by people with lesser motives. In the winter of 1957/58 Viktor was approached by two Americans, drawn to him through the late publicity given to his implosion machine. Shortly after in the following month of June, Viktor and his son were flown to Texas for what was to be a 3 month visit to examine his work. His reports, models and machinery were also dispatched to the USA. The Schaubergers’ were housed in isolation in the Texan desert during the hottest months of the year.

After 3 months Viktor expressed his wish to return home but his hosts were cautious to let him leave after such satisfactory results, it was their intention that the Schaubergers’ stay for the next few years. A month later in September and after much distress for Schauberger, he was told that he could go home if he agreed to learn English, he was given 30 minutes to decide. Viktor agreed under force and his son was also asked to sign a contract which he refused to do, for as a visitor this would have brought him under American law. The agreement also included a statement which precluded any of Viktor Schauberger’s work being passed to anyone other than Mr. Robert Donner, this included his thoughts and knowledge in the past, present and future. Then they could leave again … although exhausted by their experience Viktor and his son were not allowed to rest before taking the 19 hour flight home. Unfortunately Viktor lost his will to live, and in only five days after returning home on the 25th September 1958 Viktor died in Linz aged 73. Despairingly he repeated over and over “They took everything from me, everything I don’t even own myself”…


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