Make Your Own Global Warming: Using HAARP, Chemtrails, and the Sun

by Steve Preston

Make Your Own Global Warming: Using HAARP, Chemtrails, and the Sun

People, scientists and governments all lie. I don’t mean in a conspiracy way. What I’m talking about now is lying done for fame, money, payoff for favor, some mistaken philosophy, fear of reticule after pushing a mistaken philosophy, or just because they are afraid and feel obligated to present a special issue they feel will save the world no matter what the cost. The manufactured global warming misdirection is a little of all of them.

I know you are hearing all types of conspiracy theories that are making you confused about our safety. You try to ignore them, but people whisper them in your ears so I thought the first thing to do would be to hit a few right away and reduce their credibility as we go along so you can begin to have a better appreciation of global stability and how we can “Save our Planet”. I love those little slogans just like you so I may say a few as we go along. We will also look at how to change the weather patterns of the earth outside these conspiracies.

Ozone Destruction Conspiracy

-Here is one conspiracy I think should be halted right now. Some dodo head claimed that CO2 being poured into the atmosphere affected the amount of Ozone that protects us from UV-B rays from the sun so that everyone would get cancer because we have too much carbon dioxide. These people didn’t even look up to see what OZONE was and still pushed the limits of absurdity? Ozone is made when one of the oxygen atoms of CO2 is knocked off and it attaches to regular oxygen. Without CO2—-no Ozone.

The Coal Conspiracy

– Another knuckle head decided that one of the most benign energy absorbing molecules around would absorb the sun’s energy and heat up the planet. Here is the kicker. They called it a green gas [A reference to having something to do with plants, but plants give off Oxygen and produce sugars not carbon dioxide. They simply use water, nitrates, CO2, and sunlight]. You would think the first thing to do would be to change it to “anti-green gas” or, “people gas” or even “all gas”, but here is the real kicker. Here comes one of those slogans “GO GREEN-I mean remove what makes things green”. Just about everyone knows only 0.02% of our air is carbon dioxide and it simply cannot absorb solar energy for heating AT ALL. The conspiracists cleverly convinced many somewhat shortsighted “scientist want-to-bes” and continued by saying the Earth regenerates energy in the form of longer wave heat which is absorbed by CO2 to make us even hotter. I don’t know what type of physics they use but the retransmitted energy from the earth is mostly absorbed by 2 things Oxygen and water vapor which make up most of the non-nitrogen or Argon molecules in the air. The whole thing was predicated on a number of lies as sort of a cover up, but hopefully, I will be able to enlighten the reader on the absurdity and reasons we are seeing temporary and sporadic heating in the Arctic that these knuckleheads pull out to confound many.

Manmade Global Warming Conspiracy

– I know you have heard this one. Everything from letting Freon escape from your refrigerator, using underarm spray, and riding in a fuel guzzling jet were destroying our cool landscape. A Senator is now trying to put people in jail that won’t stop using their automobiles or heating with nasty coal. The ones he really wants in jail are the oil company officials as he has this conspiracy in his head that oil company magicians somehow make those yelling about mankind burning up the earth with jet-fuel look like idiots using data that should not be allowed to be used. You’ll love the absurdity of this as almost 100 disaster models show how driving a car would make the oceans flood the land and temperatures rage out of control by now. This one was especially sinister as they had to get the quasi-scientific community to attest to data that was KNOWN to be false. Even President Obama got in on this one as he shut done over a hundred Coal plants saying he did it for the GOOD of America.

Venusian Greenhouse Catastrophe Conspiracy

– You won’t believe this one unless you heard it before and had been drinking. One group called NOAA said because Venus has CO2 on it, whatever made it get hot must have been runaway temperature caused by that CO2, again calling it a greenhouse gas. Then they added the kicker— if someone makes electricity with coal our planet will burn up just like Venus. They continue with even more craziness. “Carbon dioxide is increasing so fast we will be in a thermal runaway condition in a few years unless we stop using coal and gas immediately.” Can you imagine the criminal audacity and ignorance? They even brought out some aerosol CO2 data collected from Hawaii to assure everyone CO2 levels in the Pacific Ocean have gone from 0.02% to 0.025% over about 10 years and shuttered with fear as they told us the news.  With only 3.2% of the Airborne CO2 as the non-naturally occurring Carbon Dioxide, this means if we double our coal produced electricity use, we are talking about an increase of about 0.003%

I know you are hearing all types of conspiracy theories that are making you confused about our safety. You try to ignore them, but people whisper them in your ears so I thought the first thing to do would be to hit a few right away and reduce their credibility as we go along so you can begin to have a better appreciation of global stability and how we can “Save our Planet”. I love those little slogans just like you so I may say a few as we go along. We will also look at how to change the weather patterns of the earth outside these conspiracies.

That didn’t work well so they falsified Ice Core data to make it look like our earth was reaching a new level of instability by adding Hawaii data to Antarctican Ice data. The new level of subterfuge is really getting crazy with well-meaning people who are not shown all the data are so afraid they want those not trying to shut down the Coal Industry to be put in jail.

Global Warming–Washington Post Arctic Report

The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce department yesterday from Consulate, at Bergen, Norway. Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the Gulf Stream still very warm. Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared. Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.

Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable. [Washington Post, November 2, 1922]. Certainly the number of gas guzzling Model-Ts was forcing almost extinction of the Arctic Ice and men were getting rich on solar cellshile I would like to simply say don’t worry about all of these conspiracies, we need to address them with a level of caution. After all, there is always a little bit of fact in a conspiracy. That is why so many fall for them so easily. What we need to do is trace some of them to an origin. For part of this conspiracy relief, we will need to address a couple of thing that have been clouded by conspiracy themselves these are the mysterious smoke trails behind some unusual Jetliners and the published work of the various Ionospheric Heater facilities around the world, especially the HAARP one in Alaska and the EISCAT one in Norway as they are insanely powerful when it comes to being able to transmit dangerous ELF waves into our atmosphere, the Ionosphere, and even the delicate Magnetosphere.

I know some have simply gotten caught up in the “fever” of global warming and others have solace in empire building, but whenever you put on the name “scientist” you have a higher responsibility that is being trampled by the drama and lying. Before I get going let me say that there are signs of increased temperatures in the Arctic.  What I get so mad about is some have demonized carbon dioxide as the culprit that is shifting our weather patterns. As we go along I will show you how that is impossible but there is another more logical villain.

Solar Villain

One “villain” we will investigate is the sun. Never think of the sun as some constant light ball of gas as there is no question that its cycles are being sensed on our planet in a big way. The other thing that must be viewed seriously is anything messing with our ionosphere and magnetosphere. That is just dangerous; especially in the less stable winter months. I know you are thinking this is some conspiracy book and some of it has that flavor, but in general, the detail presented here are simply de-falsified data and combination of evidence that tells us some shocking things.  The book presents the issues, the data, the reasons and potential characterization of the outcomes given a number of possibilities. One thing that we have to investigate here is something called a Corona Mass Ejection from our sun. We have simply had too many close calls to ignore this even if it seems that everyone is focused on how to destroy the coal industry.

Contrails Versus Chem-trails and HAARP

I know you have heard of Contrails also known as chem-trails or vapor trails. Let me just say I am not talking about simple contrails which are just water vapor condensation trails behind the super-heated exhaust of a jet engine. We will be looking at trails that look similar, but instead of being simple vapor, they are filled with effluent on purpose. We will examine where these special “chem-trails”, are found in the heaviest concentrations, read testimony from some who have firsthand knowledge and see how the chem-trails are now being used in conjunction with something called HAARP [High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program] emissions to bring about something that not only appears to be global warming, it is. I know this sounds bizarre and I have always stayed away from just reviewing work from people that appeared to look for conspiracy around every corner.

Something Sounded Fishy

Quite frankly I thought this chem-trail quagmire was one of the areas to stay away from. Chem-trails have been described since the 1940s and blamed on just about everything including deforestation, disease, hiding some sinister threat, reducing food, used as a weather weapon,  reducing virility, and dirtying our water. Apparently, the effluents are simple hygroscopic metallic oxides like AlO2, BaO. The HAARP thing has its own set of conspiracies including production of floods, chronic fatigue syndrome, power outages, all types of weather control anomalies around the world, the downing of flight 800, and worst of all; it was said to have destroyed the space shuttle Columbia in 2003.

The conspiracy proponents not only included the normal nut cases, but also senators, congressmen, the Governor of Minnesota, the European Parliament, physicists, university professors, and investigative journalists. It seems everyone wanted to describe how some sinister agency or group of agencies was manipulating something with these two seemingly separate anomalous elements.  How could this be; and the “why” was always problematic, but the search went on. This book will show some of the characteristics, oddness of occurrence, and strange outcomes surrounding events using both of these elements together, seemingly being controlled by our government and other superpower government. I don’t know about all that. All I know is something fishy is going on

Global Warming

That gets me to global warming. We quit using underarm spray, would not recharge air conditioners, and converted to partial plant fuels for our automobiles all in an effort to thwart what we were told would be the end of the world. All the while, billions of dollars were taken away from infrastructure of governments and converted to cash to line the pockets of just about anyone who claimed they could eliminate gasoline and coal around the world. After all, they pointed to a little molecule of carbon dioxide as the instigator of death to the world. Sometimes the temperature looked higher and then it would drop only to go higher again and allow for more funding.  Sometimes ice melted and sometimes it came back with a great fanfare.

Sometimes the temperature rose while CO2 receded and when the CO2 levels shot up, the temperature did not follow. That by itself could fuel a conspiracy, but I want to step back and look at characteristics of global warming, dense chem-trail effluents, and the activation of HAARP transmitters just to see where it leads.  As a spoiler, let me just say it does not end well for us whether we place on it the title of conspiracy or just horrible facts.

Government Push

Even with 50% of our electrical energy coming from coal, we are being pushed into eliminating the use of burning coal and even with horrible inefficiencies and increase wear of auto-engines we are being forced to use fuels that are less and less gasoline and more vegetables.  Who in the would stick carrots in their tank and try to go somewhere and  with solar energy failing in every measurable way, why would millions of dollars be pushed into companies owned by foreigners  to replace one of our biggest natural resources? Greenhouse gases [CO2 in particular] became the villains of the 21st century as they pushed us closer to destruction. Instead of Methane which has been increasing in our atmosphere at 50 times the density of Carbon Dioxide, the government focused on eliminating burning and CO2.

I suppose they might have wanted to eliminate farting as well, but CO2 emissions were easier to tax. Don’t even think about describing some type of butt monitor. I for one will not wear one; after all, the Nobel Prize winning climatologist of 2008, Al Gore, didn’t say anything about methane so I’m staying quiet. Darn, I can’t stay quiet as it has something to do with the data in this book.  I have to tell you Mr. Gore in his massive jet fuel burning private air taxi did say something that may have a level of truth when he told us the Earth is dying because of man. Certainly his whole burning carbon fuels being the culprit was all a lie, but man is not innocent of some of the weird temperature rises of late.

Let me say one more thing before we get starting in our investigation and that is in the building of plants for fuel. To make them burn better, scientists found a way to genetically modify the DNA of various crops to speed up production for this horrible fuel substitute. The scientists got so excited about changing plant DNA, almost everything was changed. They changed corn so that no horn worms wanted to eat it, and they changed wheat to mature faster.  They modified other plants to thrive on the salty environment of desert lands. On and on, one after another the Earth’s plant life was converted into something different. We eat it and more and more of us are getting cancer as mutated food seems to be associated with mutated people cells.  Oops that sounds like another conspiracy, but I’m just softening you up for the details coming up.

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