Alexander Rihman
Alexander Rihman, the shadowy figure in the Mair Files series, casts an enigmatic presence, leaving readers to unravel the mysteries concealed within the depths of his character. Synchronicity?

The Esoteric War: Secret Societies and the Occult Struggle

Rudolf Steiner's warnings

Rudolf Steiner’s insights on the cosmic battle – In the intricate labyrinth of the esoteric realm, where shadows dance and truths remain obscured, the dichotomy of good and evil unfolds in a cosmic battle that transcends the material world. Driven by a quest to unravel the enigmatic forces shaping the destiny of humanity, this exploration delves into the intricacies of secret societies and the occult war that purportedly rages beneath the surface. As we embark on this journey, it is crucial to heed the wisdom that cautions against blind acceptance and encourages discernment in a world where appearances often deceive.

Occult War: A Clash of Adepts

The esoteric understanding of good and evil is portrayed as a metaphysical clash between those aspiring to elevate humanity spiritually and those seeking to bind it to the material realm. Drawing parallels with the Tarot Major Arcana’s depiction of ‘The Devil,’ the occultists highlight the insidious influence of Mammon, symbolizing the greed and materialism propagated by ideologies such as Capitalism and Marxism.

Renowned figures like Aleister Crowley, Rene Guenon, and Julius Evola categorize contending schools as ‘white’ and ‘black’ brotherhoods or ‘right’ and ‘left’ hand paths. However, the confusion arises as opposing factions often claim allegiance to the same traditions, necessitating discernment based on actions rather than mere affiliations.

Rudolf Steiner and the Ahrimanic Deception

Rudolf Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy, adds a unique perspective to the occult war, acknowledging the existence of an ‘Ahrimanic Deception.’ This deception, according to Steiner, is orchestrated by cosmic forces aiming to control humanity, leading it away from spirituality and towards materialism.

Steiner’s insights into the Luciferic and Ahrimanic impulses shed light on the delicate balance humanity must maintain between spiritual and material forces. The Ahrimanic Deception, associated with the rise of rationalism and materialism, is depicted as a malevolent influence preparing for the incarnation of Ahriman, akin to the Christian concept of the Antichrist.

Alexander Rihman
Alexander Rihman, the shadowy figure in the Mair Files series, casts an enigmatic presence, leaving readers to unravel the mysteries concealed within the depths of his character.

Preparing the Way for Ahriman

The concept of the Ahrimanic Deception gains relevance in the context of an occult war for world rule. Steiner suggests that preparations for Ahriman’s incarnation have been in motion since the fifteenth century, with the international banking cabals playing a pivotal role. These forces aim to reorient humanity’s spirit, fostering scientific superstition and external illusion.

The power of international banking, as per Steiner, paves the way for Ahriman’s world order by manipulating the spirit of man. The danger lies in humanity’s unawareness of the need to counterbalance economic order with spiritual and rights-state organizations to resist Ahriman’s influence.

Role of Secret Societies

The ‘Ahrimanic Deception’ aligns with Guenon and Evola’s ‘Counter-Tradition,’ utilizing secret societies as the ‘Anti-Tradition.’ Steiner delves into the role of Freemasonry in this occult war, acknowledging its humanitarian work but also exposing its manipulation by Ahrimanic forces. Continental Masonry, including English Grand Lodge Masonry, is implicated in the struggle for global power.

These lodges, he suggests, were external instruments for occult-political impulses, influencing events such as the Reign of Terror in France, led by the Jacobins. Steiner implies that even seemingly respectable Masonic lodges may be involved in political machinations.

He even goes as far as to assert that the British government itself was subverted by secret societies, leading to an inner committee taking control of foreign affairs.

Materialistic Aims Behind Mystical Trappings

Steiner warns against being deceived by secret societies that use mystical trappings and claim ancient pedigrees. While genuine mystical lodges exist, he suggests that some organizations might employ spirituality as a mask for materialistic aims. In other words, they may prioritize power over insight, utilizing rituals and symbolism to achieve their political or economic goals.

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