What’s buried and heavy guarded at Zillertal?

One of the many mysteries and anomalies in history of WW2

The Zillertal lead boxes. One of the many mysteries and anomalies in history of World War Two. This strange account took place on May 2 of 1945.

On that day an unknown Company dressed in SS uniforms delivered a convoy to Zillertal Mountain Pass. There a select group of officers took possession of a number of heavy lead-lined boxes. In a torchlit ceremony the officers transported the boxes to Schleigeiss Glacier at the foot of the 2800 meter high Hochfeiler Mountain. They buried those strange boxes in a ledge of snow at the edge of a precipice.

Subsequent to the Zillertal Pass concealment, many seekers over the years were drawn to the Schleigeiss Glacier. Promises and rumors of treasure pulled them into the mountains. All were found dreadfully mutilated or decapitated. It seems that someone or something guards those mysterious boxes. Someone or something that is especially cruel…


Parzival Zillertal


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