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by William Lyne

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Article by William Lyne

Pentagon Aliens
Pentagon Aliens – William Lyne

The purported Schauberger ships (the only information we really have are photos of models built by Felix Schauberger), purportedly built in Czechoslovakia, were supposedly designed to use an “implosion turbine” to generate the power to drive an ‘air-blower’ intended to propel the ship.

As such, it was little more than a (flying?) air conditioning vent, with an unusual engine, and couldn’t have gotten off the ground. And even if by some miracle it could have gotten of the ground, it couldn’t have gone over 300 m.p.h., with the dumpy design, muchless over 1,000 m.p.h. as claimed by mis-informationists, especially since there is not even reliable information that the ship was ever built.

It is too easy to say “the Russians got it”, and even if it had been built and had flown, it wouldn’t be worth classifying, any more than the little engine-powered UFO toys, which at least were more feasible, and are known to actually fly.

The Miethe saucer

There was purportedly a ship designed by Miethe said to be powered by 12 BMW engines —claimed in documents to run on helium— but said to use the “boundary layer” aerodynamics of Prandtl.

schema luft turbine Miethe

Such a system, if true, automatically ruled out electro-propulsive ships. It is my belief that if any of the photos are partially real, the purported name and propulsion system were misrepresented, to throw investigators off the possibility of electro-propulsive ships. There is a photo (real or fake?) purporting to show Miethe explaining this type to Hitler on Apr. 7, 1944.

It was purportedly tested in November, 1943, which would be only one month after the manufacture date of my Peiltochterkompass, which raises a probability against mere coincidence. For that reason, I believe that some of the photos—but not the usual ‘technical descriptions’—of these ships, may be genuine.

The drawings of the basic internal structures may also be somewhat accurate, disregarding the misinterpretations given to them. Large, round ball shapes are shown in the drawings, and three of these are shown in the large “mother ships” (what I call “flying submarines”). These ball shapes could have been liquid helium fuel tanks. A “helium power” system could run “BMW engines”, as shown by the Papp engine.

Miethe and the KT-p2 Project

Twelve engines would suggest that each engine drove a separate electrical generator around the periphery of the saucer, which is consistent with the Peiltochterkompass design. The “Miethe saucer” could be from the “KT-p2 Projekt”, the particulars (name, power system, etc.) having been obliterated and faked with misinformation.

Though labels and nomenclatures of drawings allegedly from Wiener Neustadt appear to have been altered—especially the written documents alleged to have been with them, which contain silly language—some of the physical designs makes sense in terms of electro-propulsive ships, when “corrected” by my material.

One sketch shows a manned “Flying Turtle”, which is very similar to the ones I  saw in the WW II 8th A.F. film taken by a B-17 bomber crew. I saw this film while a member of the 26th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, Operations Intelligence Division, Strategic Air Command, Lockboume, A.F.B., Ohio, in late 1957.

We viewed the film with other intelligence personnel, several of whom had participated in the actual bombing raids in which the film was shot. My O.I.C., Lt. Col. Edward R. Jirles, was involved with Operation Paperclip, as he was among the first Army C.I.C. personnel in the Rheinland. In fact, he was responsible for hunting down and bringing in the “Werewolves”—the last fanatical holdouts of the S.S.—for S.E.A.T.O. Capt. Weismann still carried 9 pieces of shrapnel in his body which he received as one of the heroes who bombed the Ploesti oil fields in Romania, and was sufficiently recuperated in time to be aboard a bomber for the “foo fighter” incidents.

Foo fighters misinformation

Contrary to misinformation, the “foo fighters” were not radio-controlled, unmanned craft, but were small electro-propulsive ships flown by pilots, probably Hitlerjugend. German daredevils apparently flew these things around the bombers to disrupt their electrical equipment and ignition systems, and to draw their fire.

Disruption of the equipment would have required no special equipment, since their dynamic electromagnetic fields and high frequency corona would have rendered the desired effect on allied aircraft, just as one shut down the electrical system on my father’s car in 1957, just outside Levelland, Texas. That ship was about 200 feet long and was egg shaped, similar to the Flying Turtles and to those seen by Lonnie Zamora near Soccorro, New Mexico.

William Lyne’s view on the Flying Turtle © William Lyne
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Since the “Flying Turtle” was perhaps the simplest of all the German types, I present a simplified set of hypothetical drawings and plans for it. We have no complete, detailed photos or drawings of its design, other than the 8th A.F. films I saw in 1957, and a preliminary sketch from German sources, which I give partial credence to, and present for you with as good an interpretation as possible.

The advantage of the Flying Turtle was its good visibility, and its cheap, compact, one-man, simple “hot rod” design, audaciously sacrificing everything to function, to tear into the skies and interfere with the horrible Allied “fire-bombings” that killed several hundred thousand civilians in the Hamburg and Dresden areas.

Because of its oblong (“turtle-shell-shaped”) design, the control system on these craft appeared to be simplified, with electromagnets in front to turn the ship. The blast of the air was relied on to pull the ship into line as the force was applied, to get the desired maneuverability in the simplest and most direct way. This explains perfectly how the “Foo Fighters” were able to fly in a spiralling pathway.

foo fighter above germany
foo fighters in German skies

The truth of the air combat over Germany reveals heroic tales of young daredevils and wily old veterans, such as Adolf Galland, who not only flew with only one leg and one eye, but parachuted out of several shot-up Gustavs to return immediately to the sky to fight again, over and over, until there were no more planes to fly”.

The Komets

Many of Germany’s pilots fought hard, well, valorously, and honorably to the bitter end. In the film I saw, in which the Flying Turtles circled the B-17s helically, along their flight paths, the gunners were unable to shoot them because they moved so fast, although they appeared to hit some of the much slower Me-163 “Komets” (c. 500 m.p.h.) which accompanied the Flying Turtles.

The Komets were cheaply built “disposable ships”, abandoned in the sky once their rocket fuel was expended. In one shot, a Komet pilot could be seen bailing out.

By comparison of both size and speed between the Komet and a Flying Turtle (moving more than twice as fast as the Komet), it was obvious that the central body of the Turtle was larger than the Komet’s, and was going at least 1,000 m.p.h., in a helical path.

This maneuver would be the result of the pilots simultaneous actuation of both the “up” and “right” modes, in typical “joystick” fashion. These ships must have required a lot of dexterity, like a video game or a skate board. The speed was no surprise to me, since the saucer I saw in 1953 (about 5 years before I saw the film) was going at least that fast when it did its 90-degree turns.

The Tesla link

Since my discovery of how Tesla controlled the brush discharge, to turn the craft, my plans show only one front electrode, with the “buoyancy” coils used to create the “up” and “down” movement. (Actually, an electro-propulsive ship could be flown with only one set of coils, by diverting the brush at the top to ‘swing’ the ship sideways “pendulum” fashion, but the speed would not be nearly so high.)

Since the momentum is imparted to the conductor at 90 degrees to the electric current and magnetic inductance, the flat, pancake types, which can be firmly imbedded inside the ship’s shell, are ideal. One would be placed inside the hemispherical nose.

A type of simple joy-stick—controlling the electromagnets to the two sides of the front coil—divert the brush discharge in the desired direction, as the body of the craft is swung around by the air to the corresponding curving pathway, turning the craft right, left, or straight ahead.

Intelligence agencies have exerted tremendous effort to obliterate the facts regarding combat reports of German flying saucers, even inducing false reports of post-war German and Austrian “new-age” type researchers, by feeding them misinformation.

Fabricated information by the FBI

Pentagon Aliens
Pentagon Aliens – William Lyne

Some of the researchers even relied on information obtained from the FBI by FOIA procedures. They just can’t get it through their heads, that NO CURRENTLY CLASSIFIED INFORMATION CAN BE OBTAINED BY A CITIZEN THROUGH THE FOIA. All such information has been “screened out”. Released documents which (once) contained classified references have the classified portions censored.

That’s what all those blacked out areas are, stupids! In addition, under the National Security Act. completely fabricated information is often released through the FBI, under the FOIA, to mislead researchers who seek to discover classified secrets.

What better way to sucker in those who think that certain “documents” released by the FBI are necessarily valid? So-called ‘technical’ descriptions, according to dupes or those who pretend to know, are downright stupid. For example, the “Feuerball” (“Fireball”) is described as being a ‘circular’ or ‘spherical’, remote-controlled craft, from one to two meters in diameter, powered by a flat (radial) turbo-jet engine, which rotated the outer periphery around its axis, creating its “glowing” appearance from the effects of the expulsion of “over-rich” jet exhaust, as it spun around.’

Even more ridiculous, it contained a Klystron tube (developed around 1939 by the Varian brothers, for Sperry Gyroscope Company, in America), which pulsed synchronously with Allied radar, making it invisible to radar.’ If stealth technology were so simple everyone would have it. These descriptions just don’t cut the mustard. There was no way to make a remote-controlled device which did all the things reported, and the conspicuous effort was to avoid the categories, “electro-propulsive” and “manned flying saucers”.

The original source of this article is “Pentagon Aliens” Copyright © William Lyne … A very interesting must read and an in-depth analysis of the technology! 

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