The United Nations

The Threat of the United Nations

Diplomacy by Deception
Diplomacy By Deception

The history of how the United Nations was created is a classic case of diplomacy by deception. The United Nations is the successor to the defunct League of Nations, the first attempt to set up a One World Government in the wake of the Paris Peace Conference which gave birth to the Treaty of Versailles.

The Threat of the United Nations.

The peace conference opened at Versailles, France on January 18, 1919, attended by 70 delegates representing the international bankers from the 27 “victorious” allied powers. It is a fact that delegates were under the direction of the international bankers from the time they were selected as delegates until they returned to their own countries, and even long after that.

Let us be perfectly clear, the peace conference was about bleeding Germany to death; it was about securing huge sums of money for the international brigand-bankers who had already reaped obscene rewards alongside the terrible casualties of the five-year war (1914- 1919). Britain alone suffered 1,000,000 deaths and more than 2,000,000 wounded. War historian Alan Brugar estimated that the international bankers made a profit of $10,000 from every soldier who fell in battle. Life is cheap when it comes to these bankers, who financed both sides of the war.

Committee of 300

It is also worthwhile to remember that H.G. Wells and Lord Bertrand Russell foresaw this terrible war in which millions died needless deaths. The Committee of 300 planned the war so that international bankers would profit greatly.  H.G. Wells was known as the “prophet” to the Committee of 300. In his book, “After Democracy,” Wells stated that once the economic order (social energy), of a dictatorship One World Government is established, a political and social order will be imposed. This was precisely what the Paris Peace Talks that began in 1919 set out to do, based primarily upon a Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) memorandum.

The RIIA drafted a 23-point proposal which it sent to Woodrow Wilson, who handed it to Mandel Huis, (a.k.a. Colonel House), Wilson’s Dutch-born controller. Wilson’s arrival in Paris was greeted with wild enthusiasm by the poor and deluded populace who had grown tired of war and who saw in Wilson, the harbinger of eternal peace. Wilson cloaked his speeches in true diplomacy by deception language; a new spirit of idealism — even while intent on securing control of the world by the international bankers through the League of Nations.

The League of Nations

The League of Nations was born in January of 1920. Housed in Geneva, it consisted of a secretary-general, a Council (chosen from the five major powers) and a General Assembly. The German nation was sold down the river. The terms of peace far exceeding those agreed upon when Germany was persuaded to lay down its arms.

The German Army was not defeated on the battle field. Instead, diplomacy by deception defeated it. The international bankers became the big winners. They eventually stripped Germany of all major assets and received huge “reparation” payments. The RIIA now felt it had “everything in the bag” to quote Wilson. But the RIIA had not reckoned with a large number of U.S. Senators who knew the U.S. Constitution.

When the League of Nations Treaty was brought before the U.S. Senate in March of 1920, 49 senators understood the immense implications involved, and refused to ratify it. There was much discussion compared to what passed for a debate when the U.N. Charter came before the Senate in 1945. President Wilson accepted it, the Senate refused it. On November 19, 1920, the Senate officially rejected the treaty with and without reservations by a vote of 49 to 35.

The war with Germany

The international bankers then directed Wilson to veto a joint resolution of Congress, declaring the war with Germany at an end, so that they could go on savaging the German nation for another whole year. It was not until April 18, 1945 that the League of Nations dissolved itself. It transferred all of its assets (mainly money, wealth taken from the German people after WWI, and war loans not repaid by the allies to the United States) to the United Nations. In other words, the Committee of 300 never gave up on its plans for a One World Government. It simply waited until the United Nations was in existence before dissolving the discredited League of Nations.

The money that the League of Nations transferred to the United Nations rightfully belonged to the sovereign people of the United States. The United States had advanced billions of dollars to so-called allies to pull their chestnuts out of the fire after they’d picked a quarrel with Germany in 1914 and were in dire danger of losing the fight.

International Bankers

In 1923, a U.S. observer was sent to the Lausanne Conference of the Allied Powers for discussions on repayment of the $10.4 billion owed to the United States, and splitting up the Middle East oil-producing countries between themselves. The international bankers objected to U.S. intervention at Lausanne on the basis of instructions received from the RIIA. Britain reached as first a repayment agreement. The United Kingdom would repay the war loans over a 62-year period, at interest of 3.3 percent.

By December 15 1932, all of the nations, who owed the United States billions of dollars for war debts, were in default. And Britain was the largest debtor and the largest defaulter. The League of Nations filled its coffers with a substantial amount of this money. Together with the money it wrenched out of Germany after WWI. Eventually all wound up in the coffers of the United Nations. Thus, not only did America needlessly sacrifice its soldier-sons on the battlefields of Europe, but had its pockets picked as well by the nations that began the First World War. Worse yet to come. They dumped worthless war reparation bonds into the American financial market. This costed taxpayers again additional billions of dollars.

An open conspiracy

There is a saying that history repeats itself. This is certainly true of the Committee of 300’s intention. Its plan to force a One World Government body on the United States. H. G. Wells, in his work The Shape of Things to Come described this body as a sort of an open conspiracy. A cult of the World State. (i.e. a One World Government.) This world state, Wells said, must be the sole landowner on earth. All roads must lead to socialism. In his book, After Democracy, Wells clearly declared that once a world economic order is established, political and social order will be imposed.  And this will happen through the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements.

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